An important component of smart cities—research and development of smart pipe network software systems

An important component of smart cities—research and development of smart pipe network software systems

Traditional cities have always been affected by the lack of unified pipeline data and inaccurate pipeline positioning, making it impossible to understand the operating status of underground pipelines in a timely manner. This system is based on the concept of smart city framework. In view of the above shortcomings, a basic level framework is designed and designed and developed in: perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer.


It has a new underground perspective: “all-round and integrated” smart operation monitors underground pipe networks, collects real-time pipe network data, establishes data models, observes and senses the status of underground pipe networks, and displays 3D visualizations.

圖2 智慧管網平台電子地圖

Real-time display of potential safety hazards: The application of electronic identification and sensing technology can accurately capture the geographical location and operating status of underground pipe networks; at the same time, through the Internet of Things technology, all data can be uploaded to the cloud platform in real time for analysis and processing. Once a possible accident occurs, the relevant departments will be notified via audible and visual alarms.

圖3 智慧管網軟件系統管線3D佈局

Three-dimensional and accurate display of pipeline networks: Activates pipeline network operation monitoring and management, provides precise positioning of pipelines, safety supervision, planning analysis and comprehensive information management, displays their underground locations on GIS maps, and provides relevant decision-making data for emergency response.

圖4 智慧管網軟件系統電子設備管理

Real-time pipeline safety supervision: Provides key basis for urban planning, avoids various risks and losses caused by pipeline problems, and plays a positive role in practical applications.

This system has won the Enterprise Innovation R&D Grant from the Macau Science and Technology Development Fund in 2021